ANTIPHON / Analog Monophonic Synth Voice
(DIY Kit)

  • Analog Monophonic Synth Voice
  • 8 Sine Wave Oscillators
  • Oscillator 7 and 8 can be used as LFOs with a range of 1min up to 10kHz
  • Individual Oscillator Outputs and pitch control
  • 2-Pole non-resonant Low Pass Filter
  • 2-Pole non-resonant High Pass Filter
  • Exponential VCA
  • Analog Spring Reverb with Gain control
  • 150mm 3-Spring Reverb tank by Belton
  • External Input can accept up to Guitar Levels
  • In combination with the Cardboard case+ power product (NOT INCLUDED in the DIY KIT), it can be used as a Drone Synth or as a Desktop Effect
    Desktop Effect:
    – Spring Reverb
    – Tremolo
    – Ring Modulator / Bit Crush
    – Filter Effects
    – Overdriven Reverb
  • 22 Patch Points
  • 42HP Eurorack Format
  • 35mm deep
  • Current Draw:
    +12V -> 260mA
    -12V -> 120mA