Our most unique sounding analog synthesizer is finally back, warmer and snappier than ever!
All you synth lovers, the time has come to dive into the Erebus…

> All Analog Paraphonic Synthesizer
Faithful Reproduction of the Erebus V1
> 2 Oscillators with 2 Waveforms each
Separate Glide controls and Hard Sync function
> 2-pole Low Pass pre-fed Filter
> 1 ADSR envelope and a AR Amp Envelope
Snappier than the V1
> Lo-Fi Delay effect
> Wide Range LFO
> 15 patch points
for an astonishing and spectacular modular experience
> Compact, USB powered,
Eurorack Format (42HP)

Ethereal & Dreamy

> Warm sounding Oscillators
> Classic Dreadbox Filter
> Snappy Envelope Generators
> Lo-Fi Delay effect to expand your sound
> CV outputs: Envelope, LFO, Mod Wheel, Gate, CV1, CV2
> CV inputs: Osc1, Osc2, Echo, Cutoff, CV, Gate, LFO Rate, PW, VCA

Available in December 2022
Price: 479 € 

Don’t miss the chance to get the Erebus Reissue DIY Kit
(Limited to 200 pcs)

Specifications & Connections

USB powered (1.5 Watts)
50 Playing hours with 20,000mA portable power bank
¼ MONO TS Jack Out

Dimensions: 21.5 x 13 x 6.5 cm
Weight: 1 kg


> USB-A Adapter (5v) with 1000mA or more
> MIDI device or keyboard that is equipped with DIN5 midi output

> Monitor, Amp or Headphones


Included in the box

> Erebus Eurorack module
> 42 HP case
> 1x DIN5 to 3.5mm adapter (specs as found at midi.org)
> 1x Ribbon cable
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