Hysteria / Performance VCO


Analog VCO with range from 16Hz up to 32.000Hz
Variable Voltage Controlled Wave Shaper
Advanced pitch control with Voltage Controlled Quantizer, so it is always in tune
Hard Sync Input
Separate Pulse Output, for use as a clock or to sync other oscillators
Power Consumption: 114mA @ +12V , 46mA @ -12V
35mm depth

Price: 139 €

1. Frequency drift and stability are drastically improved
2. OCV, SEMI and WAVEFORM CV inputs are not inverted anymore
3. PULSE, OUT patch points are now set to the more common voltage of  0-5V (down from +/-5V)
4. Current Draw is now 50% lower , at 58mA@+12v and 15mA@-12V
5. The hardware trimpots “Scale” and “Tuning” adjustments are replaced with more sophisticated digitally controlled trimpots
6. The Auto-tuning method has been improved and simplified
7. You can now adjust the module with to your preferred CV source- in order to achieve greater precision
8. The module’s depth is now reduced to 25mm

Demo in French

Demo in Italian

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