The old version of the pedal (15VDC) is not available any more, but the new is drastically improved:

– A dedicated adapter is no longer needed. You can use any power supply that is made for effect pedals ( 9vDc 2,1mm centre negative)
– We kept the same headroom by adding high quality voltage converters by Texas Instruments
– Floor noise and signal to noise ratio is greatly reduced
– LFO Saw pop noise is minimised
– We removed the DIP switch on the back, as it was confusing
– We allowed higher delay times (it was 2ms to 30ms now it is 2ms to 35-40ms)
– We have added a soft switch for easier on/off action
– On the downsides, the true by pass was removed, but a CMOS technology is handling that. CMOS switches are completely colourless and transparent buffers, but they need power to work.

Full Analog BBD Chorus-Flanger with 3 LFO Waves

3 patch points for modular fans
Works with a Boss style 9VDC centre pin negative power supply (not included)

Great for Static Comb Filters
BBD Time pushed from 2ms up to 40ms
Units with serial up to 499, work with a dedicated 15VDC power supply (included)

AVAILABLE for 199 €

on synthesizer


or bass