Since its inception back in 2014, MURMUX synthesizer, has returned stronger than ever, with the distinctive design of its herringbone fabric, wooden enclosure and the fondness for giving vintage sound with a modern twist. Each successive model of the MURMUX series was built on this foundation, improving our craftsmanship and pushing the limits of sound possibilities.

In the MURMUX Adept edition, we’ve included ground-breaking capabilities, which combine the warmth and richness of vintage analog sound with cutting-edge features, delivering unparalleled sonic possibilities to musicians and producers.

> Full Analog 8-Voice Synthesis
> Smart Mixer/Oscillator Design Section
> 24dB/Octave Resonant Low Pass Filter
> 6dB/Octave High Pass Filter
> 6dB/Octave Low-Pass Boost
> 2 Envelope Generators
> 9 LFOs (1 per Voice + 1 Global)
> Analog Stereo BBD Chorus/Flanger/Comb Filter
> Nostalgic Hybrid Stereo Delay (Up to 1 Second)
> Stereo Spread System
> One Knob/Function Control
> Smart Global LFO
> 150 Factory Presets
> 399 Preset Slots
> Beautiful Handmade Wooden Enclosure
> Limited to 300 Units

Superbooth24 presentation

Superbooth24 presentation

Superbooth24 presentation

Murmux Sounds and Demos

Murmux Sounds and Demos

Specifications & Connections

LEFT RIGHT: Unbalanced, ¼ inch audio outputs
HEADPHONES: ¼ inch STEREO headphones jack
USB powered
15VDC Power jack input (please use only the provided power supply).

Dimensions: 46 x 27.5 x 15.5 cm
Weight: 5.26 kg


> MIDI device or keyboard that is equipped with DIN5 midi output

> Monitor, Amp or Headphones


Included in the box

> Murmux synthesizer
> User’s manual

> Power supply (specs as found at midi.org)


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