• Agressive Suboctaver
  • Monophonic Pulse Wave Fuzz
  • Oscillator tuned at 1V/oct
  • Oscillator can be synced to Audio
  • Ideal for guitar, bass, synthesizer
  • True bypass
  • CV INPUT: +/- 5V optimal, max +/- 9V
  • SYNC
    on input mode: at least a 5Vpp pulse is expected
    on output mode: sends a 5Vpp pulse wave
  • PW: +/- 5V optimal, max +/- 9V
  • OSC OUT: 6Vpp at max level
  • Power consumption: 65mA
  • works only with 9V DC (center negative) power supply, which is not included
  • does not work with batteries
  • Size: 147x116x58 mm