Envelope Partial DIY Kit [SOLD OUT]


Before buying an Envelope Partial DIY Kit, kindly note that:

We do not provide support for this project, except for cases of missing or defective parts (until 35 days from the purchase).
It is your responsibility to build this project with the instructions provided.
We’ d suggest you to download all the files associated with it,  before buying this kit.

Please note that this is a PARTIAL KIT, that includes:

1x aluminum panel
1x pcb
1x 10KB slider potentiometer
3x 1MA slider potentiometer
1x 100KB potentiometer
1x tact switch
1x on-on switch
1x 10uF capacitor
1x 1uF capacitor
3x slider caps
4x jack nut
4x 3.5mm jack

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