Lil’ Erebus

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Before buying a Lil’ Erebus DIY Kit, kindly note that:

We do not provide support for this project, except for cases of missing or defective parts.
It is your responsibility to build this project with the instructions provided.
We’ d suggest you to download the Construction Manual before buying this kit.

The DIY Kits are SOLD OUT
The Assembled units ship in 2-3 working days

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Construction Manual

Schematic & PCB Layout

Power Bus Board Installation

User’s Manual

How to tune the Lil’Erebus (VIDEO)

Both Eurorack and Desktop versions are Full Kits and include:

  • All the components you need so as to complete the built of Lil’ Erebus
  • Main PCB
  • Front aluminum panel
  • Ribbon cable
  • 42HP Cardboard Case
  • Cardboard cover

The Desktop DIY Kit includes:

  • Assembled power bus board (sockets for 3 modules)
    -12V -> 150mA, +12V -> 500mA, +5V-> N/A
  • 15VDC 1A universal power adapter


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